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About Us

Mission Statement

The Haley School creates and provides diverse superior educational opportunities for a community of learners, built on a foundation of character education in a safe environment ensuring the success of all children in our advancing technological society.

Vision Statement

The Haley School will create a premier learning community characterized by expectations and academic excellence.  Our students will be engaged in the process of learning and will become responsible involved citizens.  They will be life long learners, technologically proficient, and perform to their maximum potential.

Our parents will be positively engaged in the education of their children and active participants in all activities.

Our personnel will be committed, competent, compassionate individuals who will consistently exceed the highest ethical and professional standards. Our management teams will provide superior leadership, resources, and support to facilitate the operations of our schools. Our Board of Directors will guide the organization in creating a culture of excellence and success.

Values Statement

As a school of choice, we believe all children deserve a superior education in a safe, caring nurturing environment.  We will create a community of learners where children excel, become responsible citizens and are exposed to the highest ethical standards.


The Haley School, an Ohio non-profit corporation, establishes community schools that are designed to meet the needs of all children- disabled, gifted, regular, economically disadvantaged and\or privileged- in a caring, nurturing environment, where the more academically advanced can provide role models and assistance to students who may be struggling.  Students who have disabilities, like wise, can see positive role models in their classmates. Positive character traits and desirable behavior are also effectively transmitted through example and modeling and reinforced through the school’s character education program.  The classroom environment, containing a mix of students, presents a microcosm of the community, enabling students to learn how to effectively interact with people of different abilities, races, and economic status, thus, creating better citizens.

The essential elements of The Haley School include small classes of no more than 24 students: a prominent character education program designed to provide a moral base for children; high academic standards; a strict student dress code; parent involvement; and , a caring staff that consistently demonstrates and reinforces the values of respect, responsibility, citizenship. The curriculum implemented by the school is aligned with the state’s common core standards and is designed to educate every child and prepare all children for the core Ohio achievement assessments. Our schools employ only licensed, trained and highly qualified teachers and are designed to be flexible, employing a variety of instructional methods to ensure that the individual educational needs of all children are met: to maintain student interest; and to challenge all students to strive for academic excellence.

Curriculum is presented utilizing numerous techniques in various settings: individualized instruction; computer-based and or assisted instruction: cooperative learning; direct instruction; field trips; guest speakers; special presentations; and /or multimedia instruction.  In addition to certified teachers in every classroom, specialty teachers and supplemental service providers are employed where necessary and appropriate.  The Haley School offers an education alternative to parents and is accountable to parents, our sponsor- St Aloysius Orphanage Charter School Specialists and the communities we serve.  We take our responsibilities seriously and appreciate the confidence parents have in our ability to educate their children.